Saturday, September 11, 2010

Special Dedication

Hey thr earthlings ! I know its has been ages since I've blogged . Well , life's been harsh but there's still happy moments behind it . Those of you who've been keeping up with me on MSN , PLURK and FB will know :P
Now , you people might be wondering why do I have a suddenly urge to blog ? Well , I'd like to dedicate this post specially for my one and only Sec 1 junior , Huang Jiaqi .

Specially for dedicated to my one and only Huang Jiaqi . :D Of course , the rest of the section is welcomed to read this , too . I credit all of you , okaaay . XD
I know it has been hard on you. You initially started off with the accompaniment of Louis. You two could work together . I was glad to see how you two were able to communicate and show the power of teamwork . Seeing you two grow as a better player was an honor , really .Things were fine you until Louis was 'promoted' to senior band , leaving you alone in the Junior Band in the section . You were on your own . I understand how it feels to be thr sitting on the chair , playing your part , just alone , individually . You may think its a bad thing . But speaking from my personally experience , to be thr as the only player in your section means that you've got to drive and push yourself harder and harder in order to do well and SHINE prominently for the best . Music has no perfection . Each time you play, it has got to be better than the previous time you played on your instrument . There has been many problems and conflicts within the section and you may be feeling very uncomfortable about it. I may be keeping quiet , but dont think I know nothing . For all you know , I know more than you do . I dont talk about individual problems during sectionals , etc because I believe in privacy . I've promised all of you that every little bit you guys voice out to me personally , would be kept private & confidential . I dont want unnecessary circumstances to affect the section's relationship . Never do I want to see a strained relationship amongst us .
I may look like Im unhappy most of the time but I hope you understand the rationale . However , its not all the tome that its the same person's fault or whatsoever . I believe in upgrading the section's performance at the same pace , target and time . Count yourself lucky , though . You've got 4 seniors by your side each time during practice . Thats four-to-one . Tell me , which other section have such privilege ? In general , all section its one-to-one or two-to-one . Well , I dont deny that I spent most of the time only Shi Min and I are the only ones guiding you . However , I always think that I dont spend much time on each of you . During sectionals , I've got 4 of you . its really tough on my part to give individual attention , thus I always do section-based stuffs . This is to ensure that no one is at the losing end . I cant be biased . I treat every single one of you equally . I'm aware that Im very demanding most of time , I dont deny that . Of course y'all hope for jokes and laughter all the time , but it wont do any good for the section ,you see .There are times when I can joke , there are times when I've got to be serious . I hope I get the fullest understanding .
Jiaqi , now that you're sitting for the test in 5 days' time , facing 20-odd people in the AVA . The Promotion Test is in 5 days' time , I hope you feel the sense of urgency and doing little 'homework' for preparation . I know I'm not by your side all the time but as I said , I'm willing to reply texts and pick up calls just for my beloved euph players . (: "To be up thr for the best , it takes millions of effort . But to be down thr being the worst , it takes just that slightest bit ." Remember this saying . Its a great theory . You've taken many months to prepare for this test , which probably would only take 10 to 15-odd minutes . Treasure the moment and give off your best ! Negligence will only throw it into the drain , and hope to be in Senior Band is thrashed . Its your choice . I can help just a little . the majority efforts still depends on your willingness . Jy , junior ! Euph is behind you , including the graduation senior and alumni ! :D Do us proud , okaaay . Cheers !

PS . Visit band blog to see details for test . Though its for juniors , I want my good seniors to know them VERY well , too ! :D Will test you guys randomly . :P

Sunday, August 22, 2010


They MMS-ed this to me.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hello , world !
So , last Friday dated 16072010 was PHiesta . Here it begins .
Left class at 0935 and make my way to band room . Run errands like mad .
Scores from library , section's stuffs and making sure SLs check that their section have their files with them .
Heavy bag ): - foundation books + tuners + original scores for Rakes of Mallow and The Wearing of The Green .
Aftermath , we report at foyer and waited for the bus .
I was the bus I/C for brasses' bus . Doing headcount + report strength + get bus driver's no . Awesome roller coaster ride while counting . LOL .
It was 45 min-odd journey . Reached YST .
Headed to dressing room and put down our stuffs .
Rushed down to grabbed our instrument for the first dry-run that day .
It went quite smoothly . It was than followed by lunch . ;D
After lunch , changed into full uniform .
While waiting for full-dress rehearsal in the dressing room , Isabel and I feel faint .
The room seems very stuffy and our heads were spinning like nobody's business ? We were in our own world , you know .
In the end , Bel and I went out for fresh air . We feel slightly better after that .
Thanks to CLOUD MAMA , Wei Ru , Eileen and everyone who helped us . (:
After that , went into the hall to watch a few items before ours .
Part 2 of rehearsal - BAND .
We did fine except the movements . We were debriefed and all the other PAGs were released except us .
For the sake of practicing movements . Tiring and ppl were growling . In the end , its for our own good .
We wouldn't want to embarrass ourselves right ? (:
Dinner-ed . Joey and Bryan pressure me by keeping a close eye on me to make sure that I finished my food ! Wa siao , I eat until bloated los . Eat slightly more than one-quarter full ler . Make me eat the whole thing . Took quite long but I still finished it .
Skipskipskip .

Went down to backstage at around 8-plus or 9, which was during the interval .
End of interval = Start of playing .

Packed up . Accounted for section's stuffs , etc . Down to bus pick-up point . Board the third-last bus . Nap-ed during the journey . Reached school .
Saw Wen , Xueqi , Amanda , Jerron and Abel . Waited with them for Yun , Bel , Wei Ru and Bryan .
Bel and Wei Ru left while the rest of us went for supper at RP's McD . Was quite dead thr .
Home-d , turn in . (:

What's up for this week ?
Monday - Band aft school . Religious class aft band . (have been missing three consecutive lesson)
Tuesday - UNSW English competition aft early dismissal .
Wednesday - Band prac , not going tuition .
Thurday - SIBF + Adam Khoo's Workshop Day 1 + SIBF Result :S
Friday - Adam Khoo's Workshop Day 2

Jyeaa , a hectic week ahead . Dont expect me to update frequently nowadays .

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm stressed .
I'm down .
I'm speechless .
I feel useless .
I'm lost .

Will I ever find the light that I've been searching for in this dark tunnel ?
Will I ever be able to make a breakthrough ?
Will things that didn't kill me actually make me stronger ?
Will there be hope at any time ?
Will I still stand a chance to achieve my aim ?
Will I even be aspired at this point of time ?

Did I failed ? Yes .
Did I fall ? Yes .
Did I lose ? Yes .

Hope ? No .
Success ? No .
Win ? No .

Tell me , what's the point of staying in here when I've failed BIG TIME ? ):

Saturday, June 19, 2010

It'll be a short and sweet post for now . Currently at home with sis . We're nervously , eagerly waiting for news from daddy , who's together with mummy now in the labor ward at KKH . We're praying hard for mummy and baby sister that they'll be safe in there . Ohh myy , cant wait to see her . She'll be the new edition in the family . It'll be cool . Haahs , younger sis now will be known as elder sis . Yes , sis ... You've got to grow . No more "ADEQ" or "MEI-MEI" now . Its either "KAKAK" or "JIE-JIE" . Now , you'll know how is it like to be an elder sibling , which I've been experiencing for the past 10 years with you .
So jyeah . I would like to thank my entire family , who are accompanying with sis and I at home now and dearest besties - EILEEN , RUI YUN , WEI RU and ISABEL for their care , concern and support .
Upon receiving news , most likely will be heading down to KKH tomorrow . I hope we're able to see baby sister real soon . I'M EGGCITED yet SCARED . (: / ):

Thursday, June 10, 2010

10 Months , and still counting ;D
Spent time together today despite being lethargic.
Boyf had day camp from 7-9 June ,
while I had stay-in camp from 7-9 June .
Best moments to signify 10 months .
Our goal - TO LAST !
Next upcoming event - 6 more days to BOYF's bday .
"So what are you getting me for my bday ? Or are you not getting anything ?" asked BOYF .
And my answer to you is , "Its for me to know , for you to find out."

Band camp , Im still not gonna talk about for now cos it'll take very long . Overall , its awesome but of course there are things to be improved . So jyeah , look forward to a better one in Dec , in preparation for SYF Central Judging for Concert Bands .


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hey thr , people ! Miss me much ? Lol . Currently in school for band camp and its the last day , today . Break camp at 1530 later on . We were here since Monday . Hmm , many might be wondering how I manage to post , right ? Actually , I'm using Rence's laptop now . Rence , who initially was wide awake with me is now taking her nap before assemble later on for breakfast at 0715 . We'll be heading to Jalan Kayu later . Woohoo !
It was just 20 minutes ago since I had shower so as to keep myself awake just before day . I won't fall into sleep at this time or else I wont be able to wake up on time . Water was effing cold but probably quite sufficient enough to wake me up for now . I'll make sure I'll get something so that I wont fall asleep during full band later .
I cant wait to get home now cos I really need my sleep . I've not been getting sufficient sleep for three consecutive days already . And jyeah , I need to regain energy loss and recover those dark rings around my eyes . Opps , I bet boyf gonna be mad if he reads this mayns . Not getting enough sleep ?! Haih , I'm sorry but what to do right ? Lol .
And oh , talking about boyf ... He's been asking me if I'm able to go out tmrw in celebration of our 10th monthsary . Hmm , I sincerely apologised cos I really cant provide you the answer now , dearest . I hope I can make it but it still depends on how long I plan to sleep in tmrw . Hee . We'll see how , okay ?
That's all for now . I shall post about our camp when I'm back home alright . Shant spend too much time here cos it's time for me to wake my roomamates up , being the facils and room I/C.
I miss everyone at home and boyf very much ):
I'll be back , okay ! Soooooonnnnnn !
Time check : 0608 hrs . (:
Bubye , peepos !